Teen Acting for Film and Theater

Theater NOW Teen Acting for Film and Theater: (14-18 years of age)

Coming in 2013….

Theater NOW and our Teen Acting program:
A proven method for reality-based acting for teens. Teens will learn the techniques found in the Eric Morris System of acting, where actors create reality on stage. Students will learn how to identify what the character is experiencing and what the actor should experience on stage. This unique approach helps young actors break out of the “acting” or “pretending” role.
The core components of the Eric Morris System are:

Experiencing life on stage: the actor must learn to experience what the character is feeling and to identify what “you”, the actor, want to experience that the character is experiencing and what will help stimulate that reality for the you, the actor.

This approach is a proven way of fulfilling your responsibility as an actor by creating the reality on stage or on film.

For further information on the Eric Morris System and the techniques used in this approach, please contact Robert Marcus, Artistic Director, Theater NOW, robert@theaternow.org or Asha Brown, Managing Director,asha@theaternow.org
For info go to www.theaternow.org