“A journey through family and generations”

Theater now explores the fabric of our family relationships, and the dynamics through our generations.

At TheatrerNOW, we see the world as a place shared by generations of stories, sewn into a patchwork of love, pain and laughter. We value, above all things, the opportunity for one generation to learn from another, binding us and connecting us. Something special happens when families sit together in a dark theatre, hearing a story they’ve never heard before; laughing, crying and deepening their humanity, just a little, together.

Our ensemble of actors, directors and creative staff create an intimate relationship with our audiences through our experience-reality-based acting approach, with a familiar and realistic design setting to produce a real-life experience on stage, so that you, our audience, may witness the depth and emotional life created on stage.

Through our experience-reality-based acting approach, our actors are often called “professional experiencers”; we collectively bring our life experiences to the stage to experience and LIVE the characters emotional life, creating an intimate and emotional reality for our audiences.

“The primary challenges of the theatre should not always be getting people to give a sh** about it. The primary challenge should be to produce plays that reach out to people and change their lives. Theatre is not an event, like a hayride or a junior prom–it’s an artistic, emotional experience in which people who have privately worked out their stories share them with a group of people who are, without their knowledge, their friends, their peers, their equals, their partners on a remarkable ride.” ~~ director ARTHUR PENN

Theater NOW is the resident theater company at the The SABES JCC.

*Theater NOW is part of Minnesota Productions, Inc. a 501c3 Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation.